About Us

The Brand

Ladrón de Miel, the honey thief, is a brand created by a young beekeeper who is turning to traditional, natural and bee-friendly methods of beekeeping. My bees live with the rhythm of nature and are only kept in pesticide-free, natural areas. That's how I guarantee that my honey is wonderful and pure.

After all, honey isn't only healthy for humans, but for the busy bees as well.

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About Myself

I have a masters degree in environmental science and have worked in Switzerland for nature protection NGO´s for many years. In January 2017 I, together with my husband, decided to leave behind the daily routine and travel the world by bicycle. The journey lasted for almost 2 years, from Thailand to Spain (www.pedalverde.net). After arriving in Seville, I turned a long-time dream into reality: become a beekeeper.


The Bees

My bee colonies are located within the nature park Sierra de Grazalema in an old and extensively cultivated olive plantation. Today numerous wild plants, such as thyme, rock rose and yellow broom flower in between the olive trees. The local plants are very well adapted to the dry and extremely hot summers. Holm oaks, carobs and arbutus shrubs give the honey a slightly darker tone.

My goal is to turn this plantation into a small paradise for bees. I protect the existing wild plants, plant new bee-loving plants and reforest with native tree and shrub species.

In a way natural beekeeping is a very direct form of protecting nature.

Without bees many plants would disappear, even whole ecosystems and in the end us.

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