Solidarity Beekeeping

We save bees by supporting small and local beekeepers!

Olmo González

Beekeeper from Aldeanueva del Camino and Encinasola


José López Porras

Beekeeper from Dos Hermanas

Jose small

Bees and their keepers are essential to ecosystems, nature and the production of our food. However, for many small beekeepers it is difficult to make a living from beekeeping. The global market and more specifically price pressure by honey imported from China and Latin America is increasing. Especially small beekeepers are struggling and have problems selling their honey at a fair price.


Our solidarity beekeeping initiative wants to change this. We work together with selected beekeepers in Andalusia, who are passionate about their work, nature and their bees. They treat their beehives with the utmost respect, produce high quality honey and own small, sustainable and nature-friendly farms. However, they struggle to access local markets and they sell their high quality honey to wholesalers who in turn sell it in large supermarkets for very little money. A price-pressure which is pushing many beekeepers to the limits of subsistence and many even consider abandoning beekeeping.


Through our cooperation, we guarantee them a fair price for their work, their love and dedication to their hives. You can be sure to buy a delicious, high quality and reliable product from small local beekeepers.