Adopt a Beehive

Adopt a Beehive 

your personal contribution to protecting the environment

Ever wanted to have your own bees but just don´t have the possibilities?

Adopting a beehive gives you the opportunity to keep bees and harvest honey, without the risk of stings and all that heavy lifting.

Healthy honeybees are under pressure due to intensive agriculture, including intensive beekeeping. By adopting a naturally kept beehive, you can make a difference and invest in an alternative, sustainable and solidary type of agriculture.


Apadrina la colmena
colmena apadrinada

The adopted bee family carries your name on the hive. Every year you can come visit your bees and learn about how they produce all that good honey. You can then take your freshly harvested, pure honey directly home. If you can´t make it to the apiary we will deliver the honey directly to your doorstep.

With your support, our bee-family can grow, ensuring that they continue to pollinate all those beautiful wildflowers in natural landscapes in Andalusia. This way you make a valuable contribution to natural beekeeping, protecting bees and protecting the environment.

colmenas amadrinadas
apadrina o amadrina colmena


Shared Beehive – 45 Euro
Supply of 1kg of honey

Entire Beehive - 80 Euro

Supply of 3kg of honey

The bee hive adoption is for 12 months and includes a certificate, honey and a visit to the bees.

By the way, adopted beehives also make a great gift!

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